Saturday, November 29, 2014

Korean War Memorial - Washington D.C.

A few pics of the Korean War Memorial from my honeymoon trip earlier this year.  I should have posted these months ago!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fox Hill - Rules and Order of Battle


With winter approaching I thought it might be a good time to start delving into my Fox Hill/Toktong Pass project.  Determining what rules to use will determine how to organize the forces, but in looking at the Marine strength on Fox Hill (239 men), it is apparent that a small scale set of rules will be needed.  I have played GDW's Command Decision rules numerous times but the scale in CD is too large - a player typically runs a battalion.  Fox Hill was one company, so I would like to have U.S. players command a platoon, so my stands will need to be fireteam to squads in size.  ODGW's Mein Panzer is organized on the squad, which means a player would have 4-6 stands to control.  That isn't bad, but I have never played Mein Panzer so I am not certain if a platoon is enough for a player to command.  I have the Korean War supplement for Mein Panzer, but haven't dropped the thirty bucks on the core rules.  Perhaps readers of this blog can share their thoughts about Mein Panzer.

I also have Fire in Korea supplement for Two Hour Wargames' Nuts! in pdf format.  It is a man to man scale gaming system.  This is too small of a scale as I do not want to paint up 239 Marines and thousands of Chinese.  However, it does have quite a bit of useful pieces I may incorporate into the scenario.

I have placed an order for MSD Games' Frontlines: Korea 1950-53.  It claims that a stand is a vehicle or a "fireteam" on up.  Scale wise that should be ideal, but I know nothing about this system to see if it is a viable choice for Korea let alone for teaching at a convention.

And another order just placed, based on a recommendation on The Miniatures Page, for Micro Melee.  Again purported to be a fireteam level game, the rule book consists of over two hundred pages, over sixty of which are rules.  That doesn't sound too simple to me, but as Fox Hill is an infantry fight with some supporting air and artillery, perhaps it will be simple enough to handle Fox Hill.

Marine Order of Battle

Using Mein Panzer as the basis of research, I come up with the following:

Company HQ, with
  • One command stand
  • Two carbine squads with 2.36" bazooka
  • 2.36" bazooka stand

Three Platoons, each with
  • One command stand
  • Three rifle squads with BARs
  • One rifle squad with 2.36" bazooka

Weapons Platoon, with
  • One command stand
  • Three MMG stands
  • Four HMG stands

Support Platoon, with
  • One command stand
  • Three 60mm mortar stands
  • Three 75mm recoilless rifle stands

Mortar Battery, with
  • One command stand
  • Six 81mm mortar stands
  • Three bazooka stands

Flamethrower Platoon, with
  • One command stand
  • Nine flamethrower stands
I will need to do some obvious digging into this suggestion OB as I do not recall any mention of flamethrowers nor recoilless rifles in the account I have of Fox Hill.  I could just have forgotten, but the temperatures were wreaking all sorts of havoc on the small arms and machineguns, not sure how effective a recoilless or flamethrower would have been.  

Regardless, it is the starting framework I am using, subject to modifications along the way.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Bazaar - Filled to the Brim

I've decided to really reduce the amount of gaming items of I own, and so I am selling off a lot of lots of miniatures.  Bottom line is that I have too many historical periods I am interested in and not enough time to do them all, and and in my interests beyond gaming and it really is all too much to fathom ever completing, let alone gaming with.  As I only game once or twice a month as it is, reducing the collections not only brings in a little cash, but it also helps to clear out a closet which will make the wifey happy.  

There are several sci-fi lots currently available, and I just added some colonial figures as well.  Over the next few days I'll be adding some fairly oddball stuff, like biblicals and Great Paraguayan War, so make certain to check the Bazaar page on a regular basis.

Prices are really good, with most lots going for about 50% off their retail prices.  And considering some of these figures were purchased outside the U.S., the savings is greater as buyers will pay my shipping rates, which are much better than international.

Terms are CONUS buyers only, check or PayPal.  Most items are unpainted and still in their bags, so it is like buying new product for a ridiculous savings.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sci-Fi Odds and Sods

Just some random thoughts....

First, I have given away my RAFM grav tanks and APCs to The G Dog.  Why?  I decided that while they are excellent castings, they just have a look about them that is far better suited for Traveller's Fifth Frontier War as opposed to the setting in Tomorrow's War or 2300 A.D.  While none of us may know what type of weaponry and vehicles we will have three hundred years from now, the grav aspect is one I personally have a difficult time getting my head around.  The G Dog will get good use out of them, as he has quite the collection for several thousand years in the future, while my collection is for a few hundred.

I am trying to limit my vehicles to such offerings as RAFM's Imps, Darkest Star's Scorpions, and Old Crow's Trojans.  These are all advanced wheeled APCs which have a look more in tune with my vision for Tomorrow's War and 2300.  Based on the fact I have four Imps, three Scorpions, and two (soon to be five) Trojans. I may pare down the force even more by perhaps moving the Imps out of the collection as well.  I have a few of the Combat Wombat vehicles, but again, grav just isn't doing it for me.  Also, part of what I want to put on the gaming table are small, specialized forces, so having a ton of very futuristic vehicles doesn't fit conceptually.  A few APCs should be quite enough.

For infantry I have a ton of figures to work on.  I need to rethink what I am doing here as well.  Do I use the Tomorrow's War "canon?"  If so, I would actually need to buy more figures to represent the various book factions.  I have Ground Zero Crusties to use for District 9 or Marshborn, but have none of the official human factions.  I did buy some of their colonial defense force and Neu Swabian League, and I really like their figures.  But I already have a ton of RAFM figures (high tech level, low tech level, Marines, and Droyne aliens), some Old Crow figures, Eureka sci-fi Germans, Rebel and Khurasan Martian types, and Khurasan *not* aliens and *not* colonial marines.  At the very least, while I am the first person to pimp out those great RAFM figures (decades later and they are still damn fine figs), they might have to be the first ones I part with.  Okay, I've decided...check the Bazaar page to see what I am selling.  If I move enough product, I can buy the official figures, or simply make a few bucks.  So, go buy early and buy often!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pithead - Time for An Order

It's been quite some time since my last post, and most of the posts on this blog have been about the air war (and I have even more aircraft now that need to be painted and decaled, but that is a future post).  It's time to get the ground game moving forward again, and what better way to do that than by placing an order with Pithead?

Mentioned in a previous post was the release of Pithead's supporting weapons and new infantry packs for Korea.  Having only Chinese infantry at the moment, it is time to cobble together an order for some of those new releases, in this case Chinese support weapons, U.S. infantry in parkas, and U.S. support weapons.  Pithead also has British infantry and support (in parkas) released, but as much as this might come as a shock to those who follow my other blog, I do need to focus, so I am, for now, staying with Chinese and American winter troops for Fox Hill.  However, if Phil at Pithead ever release North Koreans, I might have to buy those and summer U.S. troops of the Pusan perimeter fighting with the 1st Marine Brigade.  So, for this order, I am sticking to the following:

six packs of Chinese support weapons
six packs of U.S. support weapons
two packs of U.S. infantry in parkas

Not a huge order by any stretch, but bear in mind that the Marines on Fox Hill numbered 239 troops, and one can always recycle Chinese (and I have 140 of them already).

If you look at the Pithead website, you will be tempted to buy from Phil's exhaustive World War II range.  Greeks, Norwegians, Slovaks, all sorts of trouble to get into.  I'm still resisting, focusing my 10mm efforts on Korea, but you never know when I may cross to the dark side!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I have to be honest, I had to look up DEVGRU the first time I came across the term on the Khurasan site a couple of years ago.  Then I had to search on the weapons the Khurasan DEVGRU are cast with as there were some I had never heard of.  That is the problem with ultra-modern, keeping up with all the advancing developments.  (what do you mean we aren't using the M-60 main battle tank any longer?)  Regardless, while I liked the figures the first time I came across them, I had no need to buy any.  Let's face it, I have PLENTY of figures for my Force on Force project(s).  Plenty until Micropanzer was selling some painted ones on The Miniatures Page some months ago.  Curse Jason anyway, taunting me with nicely painted figures and really bargain basement pricing to boot.  A quick message telling him I need to add to my miniature addiction and I secured the DEVGRU.  Now what to do with them?

Here is the description from the Khurasan website:

SEAL DEVGRU operators, OPS-COR helmets, wearing PVS-15 and face mask (eight models – six with HK416 (two with grenade launchers attached), one with Mk 14 EBR, and one with Mk 46 Mod 1

The Weapons

The HK-416 I hadn't heard of, but knew of course that it had to be yet another fine offering from those folks at Heckler & Koch.  Yep, it is.  An advanced AR-15 they call it.  Not as cool as the G-36 (sorry, just LOVE that weapon), but in use by various military and civilian forces, it is a still fairly neat weapon.

A Mk. 14 EBR?  What the frack?  Never heard of that one either.  Oh, it is an advanced M-14 you say?  Okay, that is cool.  Enhanced Battle Rifle.  Good to see the American military is still committed to some of our forces carrying a weapon using the wham bam 7.62mm round.  Gotta love that and gotta love the fact that one of these figures is carrying such a powerful weapon.

A Mk 46 Mod 1?  Oh, a special forces version of the M-249 SAW.  Check.  Got it.

The Figures

Here are some pictures of the DEVGRU figs offered by Khurasan.  I have to be honest, I have NO idea where I found the last three pictures!  If you know, let me know so I can give proper credit.  Regardless (not IRregardless, that isn't even a word!), these are crackin' little figures, with detail, animation, and heft.  UPDATE:  The last three pics are from the Little Big Wars blog!

The figures as I purchased them from Micropanzer

From the Khurasan website

Carrying HK-416s and grenade launchers


Mk. 46 on the left, Mk. 14 EBR on the right
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