Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Review - Crusaders Over 'Nam

Crusaders Over 'Nam - written by Roxanne Patton.  Published by I-94 Enterprises, March, 2017.  $18.00.

As many of you already know, I like obscure and different periods of history to recreate on the tabletop.  While the Vietnam War is certainly not obscure, Vietnam air combat is not that prevalent in the gaming world, so when I came across a Check Your 6! scenario book for Vietnam on the I-94 website, specifically one that deals with the F-8 Crusader and MiG kills I was curious.  So, I placed my order via the I-94 Raiden webstore, and within a few days I received my copy.  While the booklet is not an official Skirmish Campaigns production, it is designed for Check Your 6!

Let's jump into what I felt left me less than satisfied.  First, the price of the scenario booklet is $18.00.  Unfortunately, the number of pages doesn't warrant such a high price tag.  The 8.5" by 11" booklet comes in at only twenty pages.  The cover is color cardstock, while the interior is black and white.  Unlike the other Check Your 6! scenario books, this offering does not have a data table showing the plane stats needed, which I find very useful in the other books and wish could have been added here to avoid having to refer back to the Jet Age version to obtain plane data.  And there are a few typos and missing information, both within the scenarios themselves, and in the rules modifications section.  Example - Page 4, second line states "range is reduced to eight (8) hexes for targets at."  At what?

Okay, those were my sticking points.  My positive takeaways are the vast majority of the eleven scenarios are ideally suited for four players, perfect for a small gathering of friends or a convention setting where the smaller number of players makes teaching Check Your 6! an easier task.  The scenarios are also well researched and clearly written indicating that the author knows her subject well.  The bits of typos and missing info within the scenarios is easily overcome with a bit of common sense.   The eleven scenarios, with F-8s featured in every one, also includes A-4s and a lone A-6, while for the "bad guys" all one needs is only MiG-17s, and MiG-21s.  This is a simple mix of planes for the player to obtain.

Overall, Crusaders Over 'Nam fills a niche for Vietnam War air combat, while providing more scenarios for jet age gamers, especially those who use Check Your 6!  You will have to be the judge in deciding if a twenty page scenario book priced at $18.00 holds value for you.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vehicle Suggestions for Nomads

I am looking for some 15mm vehicle suggestions for these Micropanzer nomads I picked up from Jason at Micropanzer some months ago.  I am thinking something big, beefy, tracked or wheeled, large enough to hold eleven troopers (or twenty-two if large enough).  The nomads themselves have a bit of a Tusken raider feel (from Star Wars), but with higher tech level weapons.  The figures are bulkier and a bit larger than say Darkest Star but are a perfect match for GZG offerings.  I'll be using them against both, so a bulky, tough, and somewhat tech worthy vehicle is what I am shooting for.  Suggestions?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Modern Austrians

As I am always looking for something strange, obscure, different, I have been, for months, looking at those gorgeous Eureka 15mm modern Australians, and what I could use them for (yeah, I could use them as...Australians, but I hate painting camo!).  Going through the figures weapon mix (basically the Steyr AUG, the Minimi, LAW, Carl Gustav, and MAG), I wanted to find a country that uses these (or similar weapons) and has troops who do not normally wear camo.  Who might that be?  Closest I can find is Austria, who use the AUG, not the Minimi, but do use the Carl Gustav and LAW, and while they use the MG3, it is at probably higher levels than what I plan on portraying on the tabletop (fireteams to squads).  Finding a good unit organization has been interesting, but I did have provided on The Wargames Website a seven man unit (mechanized troops) that might be interesting to field. Uniforms are basic olive green, but the Austrians do use camo from other countries when on deployment, although I did come across a mention of a solid tan uniform for desert climes.  Hmmm, so, because I would be using them in a non-historic context, why can't I tinker a bit with what they might wear and what they might carry in terms of armament?  Heck, they even use the Iveco LMV, which is the non-command version of the British Panther, of which I have two of from Evil Bear.  

So, a sort of TO and E:
1 section commander with AUG
1 assistant commander with AUG
1 rifleman with AUG and LAW
1 rifleman with AUG and grenade launcher
1 rifleman with AUG with precision sight
1 machine gunner with Minimi (in lieu of MG3)
1 assistant machine gunner with AUG

1 rifleman with sniper rifle
1 Carl Gustav team

Picture from CP Models site
Opponents would most likely be my CP Models Taliban.  I really like those chunky and animated figures.  They are larger than most 15mm figures out there, so I am hoping that the Eureka figures will be close enough.  Some 15mm figures I own are just far too small and thin to be sued on the same table, even if they are not within the same unit or even same side.
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