Friday, January 19, 2018

Modern Austrians - Part II

The figures have arrived!  I placed my order on a Friday evening, and had the figures in six days.  These are some of the nicest 15mm moderns available today, great proportions, weapons that do not look like bazookas, crisply cast with little to no flash, with animated but not overdone poses.  Little gems to go along with the as usual great service from Eureka USA!

I ordered a couple of command teams, two GPMG teams, one pack of infantry with Minimi, a pack of infantry with grenade launchers, and a pack of standard infantry with AUGs.

I plan to use this for the organization (a bit of a change from the original post about modern Austrians):

Two Squads, each with:

Feuerwehrteam A
  • One fireteam leader with AUG
  • One rifleman with AUG and GL
  • One SAW gunner
  • Two riflemen with AUG
Feuerwehrteam B
  • One fireteam leader with AUG
  • One rifleman with AUG and GL
  • One GPMG gunner
  • One assistant gunner with AUG
  • One rifleman with AUG
For transport I am actually in a bit of a quandary.  I have two of the Panther vehicles (Iveco LMV) from Evil Bear, but I have four fireteams, so I actually need to buy two more Panthers.  But, they are a bit expensive considering their base price ($12.50 each) on top of the shipping from the U.K.  The Austrians use the Ulan, the Pandur, the Dingo 2, along with the Iveco, but try finding any of the first three in 15mm!  I am open to suggestions for transport.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Contractors Are Here...Oh, and the CIA!

They arrived yesterday, fifteen wonderfully painted 15mm private military contractors and CIA operatives, painted by Just Jack.  These bitchingly awesome figures are made by CP Models, and even before Jack put brush to metal I really liked CP's range of modern figures.  They are chunky, cleanly cast, with great animation.  And Just Jack captured them all with some fantastic paint jobs!  I cannot thank him enough for these great figures!

CIA Operatives - Picture from CP Models website
Trying to match the above picture, here are the two groups of CIA guys Just Jack painted.

Next up, the contractors:
Contractors - picture from CP Models website
And what I received:

These figures could also be used for special forces for operations in which they need to blend in a bit more with the local forces.

Just a wonderful experience all around.  And now it is time to get these onto the table!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

CP Models - On Their Way!

Recently I made a trade with Just Jack from The Wargames Website...he received some Flytrap figures from me, in turn he painted up a batch of my CP Models PMCs and CIA operatives.  He has done some crackin' work, and I just couldn't wait to receive the figures to share the glorious brusk job he crafted for me, so HERE is Jack's blog post with a slew of the goodies on their way to my door.  Thanks, Jack!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Adding to the Vietnam Terrain

I recently took advantage of a deal on The Miniatures Page for some Flames of War terrain that was 33% off retail.  I needed to step up my game a bit for my Vietnam project, knowing that while I had some trees and scrub from my modern desert projects I could use that is wasn't enough to make a full and nice looking table.  So, I snagged two boxes of jungle bushes and two boxes of island palms.  The Flames of War terrain is nearly ready to use right out of the box...for the bushes I simply needed to pop them off of a sprue and push them onto a peg on the finished base piece, but for the trees I needed to chopped down the stem so that they would fit into the pre-drilled holes on their bases. 

I am also working on a box of Pegasus banana trees that I have owned for probably ten years.  These are a bit more labor intensive, needing the pieces cut from the sprues and then having the leaf pieces mounted on the trunk.  These trees are vastly smaller than the palm trees from Flames of War, but I still think they add a bit more "ummphf" to the visual display.

Lastly, some bamboo pieces I picked up on an eBay shop based in China.  These were from a recommendation by Garryowen over on the Fields of Fire Vietnam gaming forum.  Very cheap (just a few bucks), I am taking the various lengths and creating bamboo groupings.
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